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Fristads Sustainable Green Products

Meet the world’s first environmentally declared workwear collection – created with sustainability in mind, every step of the process.

Each year, millions of tonnes of clothes are thrown away because they are worn out or simply have fallen out of fashion. Fristads think it is time for the clothing industry to up the game when it comes to sustainability. Fristads, minimise their environmental impact by developing premium workwear that is made to last for many years, even in tough conditions. And when things do break or wear out, Fristads always consider repairing them instead of replacing them.

Fristads is the first company in the world to measure the environmental impact of clothes. Fristads Green is a concept of workwear where the entire manufacturing chain is characterized by environmental awareness and innovation to minimize the footprint on the environment.

Fristads Green collection was launched with the aim to make the Green concept a part of every product segment in the next coming years. All Fristads Green products have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) with information about the product’s total environmental impact. In September 2019 the craftsman collection was awarded with the international design prize Red Dot Award: Design Concept. Fristads Green collections are for craftsmen, industry and service and cold wind rain.

Dress all year-round in environmentally declared garments! These are made of recycled polyester and have been dyed using the colouring technique e-dye® which reduces water use by 75% compared to traditional dyeing. Quilted garments have a lining made of recycled PrimaLoft® – fine fibres creating millions of air pockets keeping the body warm. Wear them separately or together depending on temperature and weather.

A digital tool calculates the Climate Impact of the Green Collection Workwear – Check the Green Calculator here

Visit the Fristads Green Collection Here

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