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BOA Fit System

Dial in the perfect fit, with the innovative BOA lacing system. Whether you’re tackling the elements cycling through the foothills, or earning your bread onsite; you can work safe knowing the BOA system has your feet secured. With no messy laces or unreliable zips to deal with, this innovative system uses lightweight, ultra durable laces threaded through the BOA dial system. All you need to do is slip your footwear on, and twist!

This system was originally conceived from the winter sports industry, being utilised by snowboarders for easy boot removal on the piste. This pedigree was always going to be the perfect fit for Helly Hansen, whose heritage is cut from the same cloth.  

The benefit of this configuration over traditional lacing systems is that when you tighten the dial, the laces are uniformly tightened for a superior fit that almost hugs the feet. This also benefits the footwear in the long run, expanding their overall lifespan by putting less strain on the uppers.

For the Helly Hansen range, the BOA system offers accessibility, comfort and simplicity. Combining this system with safety footwear which already exceeds expectations of workers worldwide. The system allows for easy adjustment and total control over the fit of your footwear, as well as making it easier than ever to remove them – the simple quick release makes stepping back out of your boots or trainers easy – even when wearing thick gloves. This also increases the longevity of the footwear, as it discourages workers from pulling their feet out before unfastening – which causes damage to the insides by wearing out the fabric and causing discomfort.

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