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Pacaya Lyviz Safety Glasses

New Product!

The DeltaPlus Pacaya Lyviz Safety Glasses are a fantastic advancement in lens technology for those who work within job roles in the oil and gas industry, automotive and decorating.


The lightweight and sturdy polycarbonate frame and nose piece features adjustable nylon arms, with a removable foam frame to protect the wearer from dust and offer shock protection in the event of impacts.

The main selling point of the DeltaPlus Pacaya Lyviz Safety Glasses are their excellent lenses. Infused with Lyviz technology, this gives the lenses a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating – meaning dirt, paint and water are repelled from the surface of the lens, to make them very easy to maintain and keep crystal clear. The lenses of the Pacaya Lyviz Safety Glasses also have a much higher abrasion resistance, and resist fogging.

  • Wipe or wash clean lenses.
  • Hydrophobic coating ensuring longer clean lenses.
  • Ideal for Oil, Gas, Painting & Automotive industries.
  • Polycarbonate single lens glasses.
  • Integrated polycarbonate nose piece.
  • Adjustable nylon arms.
  • Side protection.
  • Suitable for all faces with the tilting arms.
  • Removable foam frame for dust & shock protection.
  • UV400.
  • Anti-mist.
  • Anti-scratch.
  • EN166 Personal eye-protection 1 FT: Oculars marking.
  • EN166 Personal eye-protection FT: Frame marking.
  • EN170:2002 Ultraviolet filters UV 2C-1.2: echelon.
  • American: ANSI Z87.1-2003 Z87+: Impact resistance.

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