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Nine Piece PPE Kits now available!


Keeping you and your workforce safe is something which you should take seriously, and without the correct equipment at hand – when an accident does happen, you may not be prepared to deal with it. We always think about the safety of our workforce, and all our customers. We’ve just launched an excellent new nine piece PPE Kit which is bundled inside a high visibility rucksack – packed with the essential protection and injury care equipment you need when on site.

So whats in the bag?

Shugon High Visibility Rucksack

Designed to stow away your valuables, and offer you a heightened visual presence – this compact yet spacious work bag is finished in either orange or yellow fluorescent colours with reflective striping details, and will house all your essentials whilst you’re on the move. The bag features adjustable shoulder straps and a comfy handle at the top for great portability. The main compartment offers plenty of room, but can easily be expanded on if need be with the handy exterior panel zip, which spreads the back out for even more room. There are two additional zipped compartments for housing smaller items, in addition to a handy interior pouch, which will accommodate a media player or mobile phone, with an audio port in the roof of the bag allowing you to listen to your favourite music on the move, whilst keeping your precious electronics safe.

The bag comes unbranded, but on request can be adorned with your own company logo.

ProForce PPE Safety Glasses

Your eyes are pretty important. So making sure they stay protected from hazards is a given. This great pair of Safety Glasses from ProForce are made with a lightweight frame, with adjustable arms to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The lenses are crafted from a durable polycarbonate, with scratch resistant coating. They conform to EN116-1F for PPE personal eye protection standards.

ProForce EP01 Ear Defenders

The sound of machinery and ambient site noise can be distracting, and actually rather dangerous for your ears if you are exposed to prolonged high levels of noise. Keep your ears protected from damage with this pair of ProForce EP01 Ear Defenders. CE Approved to EN352-1, their lightweight and robust design is perfect for the active site or roadside worker. The contoured headband hold them in place, with the large domed cuffs effectively drowning out sounds, with soft, foam filled cups for maximum comfort.

Portwest P209 FFP2 Valved Mask (Triple Pack)

Suitable for protection against fumes and water based mists, in addition to fine toxic dust and contaminants up to 10 times the WEL, the Portwest P209 FFP2 Valved Blister Pack is a triple pack of handy dust masks. Their comfort cup shape creates a comfortable seal around the face, with an exhalation valve and adjustable nose clip. Elasticated straps secure the masks in place, and they are fully CE certified and adhere to EN 149:2001 plus A1:2009.

Warrior Nylon Coated Hyflex Gloves

These Hurricane Nylon Coated Hyflex Gloves are an ideal glove for fine handling of material and assembly, used for general light duty precision applications such as electrical, plumbing, inspection and assembly. Providing dexterity and comfort, these Warrior Hyflex Gloves are perfect for precise operations that require maximum levels of dexterity. They have a breathable and seamless liner, which is like a second skin. The polyurethane coating offers excellent hand protection in lightweight applications. With an EN388 level 4 abrasion resistance score, the glove provides superb performance, and in trials this product has received positive feedback from wearers; who prefer this glove to other styles of traditional gloves.

Steroplast Vehicle First Aid Kit

This is the lifesaver of your PPE Kit. This portable HSE compliant and NHS approved product comes in a portable zip bag, and can be kept either in the rucksack or stored in a vehicle close by. Inside the kit you will find the following:

  • 1 x Pair of Scissors
  • 1 x Med Sterile Dressing
  • 1 x Eye-pad Sterile Dressing
  • 1 x Non-woven Triangular Bandage
  • 2 x Pairs Med Gloves
  • 1 x Bag of Safety Pins
  • 4 x Alcohol Free Wipes
  • 20 x assorted hypo-alergenic plasters
  • 1 x HSE first aid guide

Steroplast Eye Wash Pods

The eyes are susceptible to a number of work related hazards and injuries, and sometimes even a pair of glasses or goggles can let contaminants through to the surface of the eye. In the event of this, its imperative to flush out any foreign bodies before they cause any more damage. These eye was pods are a sterile topical solution, containing sodium chloride in purified water. The slim neck design makes them easy to apply, with greater accuracy.

Disposable Overshoes (100 pack)

When visiting some sites, it may be mandatory to have your feet covered with overshoes – stretched over footwear, they will keep surfaces from becoming contaminated from dirty shoes. This is especially important in places where hygiene is important – so any food processing factory would likely have site visitors wear something similar to this to protect their floors from foreign contaminants.

Class 2 Hi Vis Vest

Possibly one of the most essential pieces in any workers arsenal. A simple high vis vest, which conforms to en471 class 2. Lightweight and velcro fastened, this vest will ensure that you’re seen in low light and poor visibility.

The Nine Piece PPE Kit is priced at £36.58 inc VAT  Buy Here

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