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Hand Protection

Hand protection is designed to guard against a wide range of hazards, including: cuts and abrasions, extreme temperatures, skin irritation and dermatitis, and contact with toxic or corrosive substances.

Gloves are one of the best ways to protect your hands against injuries. There are many types of gloves that are designed to protect your hands. Metal-mesh gloves resist sharp edges and prevent cuts. Leather gloves shield your hands from rough surfaces.


Gloves should be inspected for signs of degradation or puncture before use.

Disposable gloves should be changed when there is any sign of contamination. Reusable gloves should be washed frequently if used for an extended period of time.

Before removing them, wash the outside of the glove. To avoid accidental skin exposure, remove the first glove by grasping the cuff and peeling the glove off the hand so that the glove is inside out the wash hands with soap and water.

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