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Base Layer Underwear

If your working outside in cold weather it can take its toll on your body. Working in unforgiving environments, loss of, and excess exposure to heat can cause serious problems so it is always important to regulate your body temperature with base layer underwear.

The primary purpose of a base layer, or thermal underwear set, is to wick moisture away from the skin and keep you dry and comfortable regardless of the weather. Our range includes flame protected men’s base layers and women’s long johns that can be combined with other garments in our flame collection to protect you from the inside and out.

In workplaces where you’re in colder environments, thermal base layers can provide an essential second skin, giving you an additional insulation layer which will help your body retain heat. For warmer conditions, there are base layer underwear garments which are engineered in a way which draws excess moisture you produce away from your body, and increases airflow around the garment, which in turn helps to keep you cool when you need it the most.

You can check out our range of Base Layer Work Clothing by clicking on our logo below.

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