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Helly Hansen UC-ME Hi-Vis Range

The new Helly Hansen Workwear range of UC-ME Hi-Vis Winter clothing uses the award winning VizLite DT technology which is a combination of phosphorescent and reflective materials that increase visibility in all light conditions.

A Revolution in Safety

Currently, Hi-Vis garments rely on fluorescent fabrics to enhance the wearer’s visibility in daylight, and retro-reflective materials to reflect back vehicle headlights in darkness. VizLite DT phosphorescence offers a third level of protection, when there is low light or no light, by giving off an intense glow for up to 8 hours, without the use of electricity. VizLite Dual Technology phosphorescence is charged by ultraviolet light after five to ten minutes of exposure. The Helly Hansen range of VizLite Dual Technology products have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the global safety market.

VizLite DT increases safety and protects people by increasing their visibility in low light and dark conditions.  The Helly Hansen UC-ME Winter Range is perfect for your Hi-Vis glow in the dark workwear.

The garments are manufactured using recycled polyester and are maintenance free.

Check out the range of Helly Hansen UC-ME Winter Hi-Vis products on our website by clicking the logo.

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