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Workwear Fit Guide

When thinking about your next workwear purchase, ensuring you have clothing that fits is important. Following these simple measuring tips will help you find your fit so you can get the very best out of your workwear.

T-shirts / Polos / Jackets / Sweaters

How to measure: For mens garments, measure chest width horizontally at the widest point. For women, measure around the bust at widest point.

Work Trousers

Trousers are measured around the waistband, and the leg inseam. However it is important to take into consideration that some brands do run their sizes slightly different from others, so make sure to allow for this. With Snickers Work trousers, their series 3 and series 6 trousers differ slightly in sizing, so always check the attribute field for correct sizing.

Overalls / Bib Overalls

Although both referred to as overalls, full body overalls and bib overalls vary in measurements.

When measuring full body overalls, typically the chest is measured at the widest point, alongside either the full body height, or leg inseam.

Bib overalls are measured the same way you would measure a pair of trousers, measuring the waist and the leg inseam.

Size Guides by Brand


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