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Taking care of your work clothing

Hi Vis Clothing Care
Taking care of your work clothing is important. Without taking the correct care for your garments, you run the risk of impacting the effectiveness of the product. This can lead to the garment not giving you the protection it advertises. All protective work clothing has different ISO 20471 High visibility clothing care The purpose of high vis clothing is to give the wearer improved visual acu...
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RPE – Respiratory protection

If you work in certain environments or perform certain activities,  workers can become exposed to harmful particles that are present the air; such as dust, mist, vapour, gas or even fumes. To overcome this, ensure you outfit yourself with the correct RPE. So what is RPE? RPE is the general term that describes all dust masks and respirators. It stands for "Respiratory Protective Equipment". ...
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Gardening Workwear

Products for Green Fingers - Gardening Workwear Agricultural and Horticultural roles can embody a lot of varied tasks, some of which will require clothing which meets levels of comfort, practicality - as well as offer a level of safety. From clothing designed purely for gardening pursuits with easy care fabrics and plentiful pocket combinations, to hard wearing and fibre filled heavyweigh...
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