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RPE – Respiratory protection

If you work in certain environments or perform certain activities,  workers can become exposed to harmful particles that are present the air; such as dust, mist, vapour, gas or even fumes. To overcome this, ensure you outfit yourself with the correct RPE. So what is RPE? RPE is the general term that describes all dust masks and respirators. It stands for "Respiratory Protective Equipment". ...
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Hard Hat Colour Coding: What you need to know

The construction organisation Build UK are responsible for bringing workers from across the building industry together. Focusing on key issues which the industry faces, they represent over 40% of the UK's construction trade. They also work alongside Trade Associations, Contractors and clients to deliver economically viable construction projects all over the country. They revamped the colour cod...
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Nine Piece PPE Kits now available!

Keeping you and your workforce safe is something which you should take seriously, and without the correct equipment at hand - when an accident does happen, you may not be prepared to deal with it. We always think about the safety of our workforce, and all our customers. We've just launched an excellent new nine piece PPE Kit which is bundled inside a high visibility rucksack - packed with the ...
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British Standard Workplace First Aid Kits

Comply with, and exceed HSE minimum statutory requirements with British Standard Workplace First Aid Kits supplemented with additional contents to provide cover for a typical modern workplace. Steroplast Premier BS8599 compliant workplace First Aid Kits are secured in a hinged plastic box, with a simple lay out aided by a reference sheet for easy item location. The large Steroplast Premier B...
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Fall Arrest Equipment, Safety Harnesses and Lanyards

EN363 fall protection is essential to anybody that works at height, including roofers, scaffolders, tree surgeons and window cleaners. Falls are responsible for a great number of serious injuries and deaths, which are preventable by using the correct harnesses and lanyards. The HSE advises the following 'To counter the causes of degradation, the British Standard states that components should be...
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