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Spill Kits in the workplace

Spill kits are an essential addition to any workplace which works with hazardous chemicals. Coming in a variety of sizes, a spill kit usually consists of PPE, absorbents and disposal bags or containers. Due to the nature of hazardous materials, reaction times are critical when it comes to effectively stopping a spill from spreading or contaminating other areas. The majority of spills can be pre...
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Mammoth in the Community – The National Citizens Service

As part of our ongoing scheme to support local communities and groups,  we are proud to work with the National Citizen Service, who on Tuesday the 22nd of August will undertake an epic sponsored walk. The National Citizens Service work alongside 15-17 year old children to help nurture their futures and build skills to prepare them for adult work and life. They are currently raising mone...
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Women in Industry and Engineering

Women in Industry
Girl Power!   The History of women in industry can be traced back to Ancient Rome, where women were not able to vote or have their voices heard at political assemblies. They were prohibited from holding any position of political responsibility, and even in roles they could partake in with religious organisations, they were still largely governed by the males of the society. These gend...
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Workwear Size Guide

Making sure you have correctly fitting work clothing is always important. Loose or ill-fitting clothing will not only be detrimental to movement, it will also impact your comfort. All manufacturers have their own sizing guidelines, so what may fit for one brand, might be loose or tight with another. To get a better idea for what size suits you, use the table below. Please note: This guide is...
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Taking care of your work clothing

Hi Vis Clothing Care
Taking care of your work clothing is important. Without taking the correct care for your garments, you run the risk of impacting the effectiveness of the product. This can lead to the garment not giving you the protection it advertises. All protective work clothing has different ISO 20471 High visibility clothing care The purpose of high vis clothing is to give the wearer improved visual acu...
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RPE – Respiratory protection

If you work in certain environments or perform certain activities,  workers can become exposed to harmful particles that are present the air; such as dust, mist, vapour, gas or even fumes. To overcome this, ensure you outfit yourself with the correct RPE. So what is RPE? RPE is the general term that describes all dust masks and respirators. It stands for "Respiratory Protective Equipment". ...
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Jacket Size and Protection Guide

When purchasing a new work jacket, there are several different factors to consider. Our simple how to guide on selecting the right work jacket for the right job should help you to make the correct decision. Sizing And Fitting When picking a new work jacket, ensure you have the right fit. Each manufacturers' sizing guides vary, so always make a note of your measurements. Even if you regularly wea...
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