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Introducing the latest innovation from Mammoth Workwear!

Here at Mammoth Workwear we have always striven to innovate, and offer something a little different for our customers. Today we are excited to announce the latest exciting product to our range – In Partnership with Street Cleaning Simulator developer Astragon, we are proud to unveil  – Janitorial and Cleaning Simulator! Fully compatible with the upcoming HTC Vibe, and PSVR, this excellent interactive experience brings all the fun of cleaning the workplace to life!


The game has changed

With stunning 4K enabled graphics on the PC, and utilising the ever versatile Unreal Engine – Janitorial and Cleaning Simulator takes players on a journey across the world. From School cafeterias in Runcorn, to sprawling office complexes in Shanghai, this virtual reality experience will push your skills to the very limit! 30 stages of cleaning action, with licensed cleaning products from Cleenol and Evans Disposables as a part of your arsenal. Tackle dirt and grime, Refill buckets, clean taps and more!

Better with Friends

Janitorial and Cleaning Simulator has 32 player online multiplayer, with a wide range of game modes which will offer up the very best quick firing, VR experience! Crush your enemies, and take the spoils across a number of excellent game modes on launch:

Capture the Bin Bag

Two teams of 16 work against each other to steal the final bag of rubbish. Your objective? Get the bin bag back to your trolley. Sounds easy? When a player has the bag, they can’t use their mops or brushes – meaning they are defenseless as the other team come at you full force, with their disinfectant sprays, litter pickers and sponge grenades! Utilize special weapons such as Steel Scourers to put distance between the bag carrier and the offense – Can YOU capture the Bin Bag?

Mopping Territory 

Four Teams work against each other in the office, using coloured disinfectant to mark the floor with the colour of their team! Careful as you go though, as other teams can sneak in and tag the floorspace with their own colour! This frenetic and fast paced mode will test your reflexes to the limit! Use boosters like the wide spraying Bio Mop, and the Powerful V-Sweeper to push your enemies aside as you fight for floorspace in Mopping Territory!!!

These are just two of the modes which will launch with the game when it releases December 5th in Europe. We plan to follow up in the following few months, with the Mammoth DLC Pack. This DLC map and item pack will offer new modes, maps, challenges and player customisations and weapons!

Other features:

Customised Workwear: Create a team, and deck them out in your colours of choice! with licensed clothing courtesy of Dickies, Helly Hansen and Cofra to name a few – you can add all the style you need to your teams look!

Online leaderboards: Are you the best out there? Can you out-clean your friends? Our online leaderboard will keep a tally of your vital stats, and stack them up against players worldwide! With cross-play compatibility coming in the future, as well as our excellent companion app.

Private Lobbies: Master the game modes before you go online! Invite your friends and use the customisable bots in any mode you wish! Tweak their difficulty, weapon options, scores, maps – every thing you need at your disposal so you can practice before tackling the leaderboards!

Smooth Frames: Running at a stable 60 frames per second, this is as close to the real thing as you can get!

Peripherals: Coming in Summer 2017, we will be launching the additional peripherals – the Mop Blaster controller, and the V-Sweeper controller. Dominate the competition with these excellent controllers!

To pre-order, click here.

Janitorial and Cleaning Simulator will launch across all EU territories in December 5th, 2016 with American and Asian releases to be confirmed.


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